Apple releases iOS 7.1.1, quietly fixes bugs that they didn’t tell anyone about. But does it work?

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It?s been the norm with Apple that their major updates always hit a snag (or in some cases, a meat hook of a security flaw). iOS 7.1 came out a few months ago to the joy and dismay of many a user. The problem with updates like this is that they sometimes bungle the hardware and software that?s already on the device. The truth is, updating software on any mobile device is a gamble in itself.

iOS 7.1.1 sought to address the problems that a lot of users had brought up in their one-sided forums. I say one-sided because whenever a problem with a device crops up, administrators and official Apple responders are silent. These problems were:

Freezing and lagging screens.

Some users experience apps that hang or freeze again and again, rendering the app unusable.

No response and complete failure of Touch ID.

The most annoying bug, in our opinion, disables one of the main reasons why the iPhone 5s was so popular in the first place. Some users reported that the device didn?t recognize their fingerprints. Others say that the Touch ID system failed completely and would not read any fingerprints.

Battery drain is significantly increased by unknown sources.

Some users experienced short battery lifespan with the same usage. If this has any similarity to the Android 4.4.2 update, we could not say, but it is a speculation.

Bluetooth pairing in cars has significant issues.

Bluetooth has become popular for automotive users with iPhones. The bug refused to let cars pair with the iPhone iPad or iPod Touch following the iOS 7.1 update. Naturally, this significantly lowered the value of music apps and paid media being streamed in cars.

Personal Hotspot problems.

Some users have noticed that whenever they plugged in their device to their computers for personal hotspots, some computers were unable to detect viable connections.

According to the Apple update as featured on the update process itself, iOS 7.1.1 is going to address the following:

  1. Improvements to the Touch ID system.
  2. Bluetooth pairing big fixes whenever VoiceOver is enabled.
  3. Improvements with keyboard responsiveness.

Only time will tell if Apple did enough with the update. If your phone has been experiencing bugs since iOS 7.1, then we do hope that iOS 7.1.1 finally fixes your problems.

photo from: https://www.apple.com/iphone-5s/design/

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