Apple Releases iOS 10 4th Beta Along With Other Developer Updates

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iOS 10

Early Monday morning, Apple released the iOS 10 4th beta for iPhone and iPad to its registered developers. Apple also released beta versions for tvOS 10, watchOS 3, and macOS Sierra.

All four betas are now available for download through Apple?s developer portal or via Software Update. Xcode 8 beta 4 is also available for download.

These updates came out just two weeks after the release of the third beta. As indicated in Apple?s release notes, the updates include bug fixes and improvements to the current release version.

iOS 10 includes a ton of new features and changes. Some of the most notable are as follows:

iOS 10 4th beta

iOS 10

  • New wallpapers – As with every iteration of iOS, Apple introduces new wallpapers and this update is no exception to it.
  • Raise to wake – Users will now be able to view their notifications on their iPhones just by lifting the phone. Lifting the phone automatically wakes it up thereby allowing you to view notification right on the lock screen.
  • Remove stock apps – New it iOS, users can now removed stock apps installed by Apple.
  • More prominent settings panel for Siri – In the previous iteration, settings for Siri is buried deep under the General Setting. This time, Apple provided a dedicated panel just for Siri while maintaining the old settings.
  • iCloud desktop access – Users running macOS Sierra on their Macs can now access their synced desktop contents.
  • Watch face app gallery – Users using Apple Watch can now customise their watches with new feature. Select from gallery and see how it would look like on you Apple Watch right in the comfort of a bigger screen.
  • Video app playback setting – This feature enables users to control their data usage by setting the playback quality of the videos.
  • Enhanced interactive notifications – Replying to instant messages has never been easier with the Quick Reply. This time around, instead of a single reply, users can maintain the notification area and continue the conversation.
  • Unlimited Safari tabs – Especially useful on iPads and iPad Pros, Safari now features unlimited tabs.
  • Safari split view – Users can now view two separate Safari windows side by side. This option is available by hold-tapping a link and tapping ?Open in link view?.

These are just some of the new features available for iOS 10. For more information of all the new features, be sure to check out 9to5Mac.
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