Apple Purportedly To Skip iPad Pro 2 For iPad Pro 3

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Several rumors are circulating online that Apple is going to release a new tablet in its iPad Pro line. It is expected to be the latest iPad Pro 3 and its rumored specs are indeed interesting. So, here are the speculations about the device that you need to know.

Although Apple has not released an official announcement yet about creating a new tablet, there are already speculations about it on the web. According to reports, it could possibly be an iPad Pro 3 or a refreshed iPad Pro 2. Whatever it is, here are the specs you should expect to be included on it.

Based on reports, Apple should be upgrading the iPad Pro line the same way it did with the iPhone series. Should that be the case, then the device will be using the new A10X chip similar to the existing processor of the iPhone 7. It is the chip that Apple designed by combining high-power and low-power cores.

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Moreover, these cores can be activated depending on the difficulty of the task. Trusted Reviews reported that if it is an easy job, lower-power cores will do the job to save battery life. Also, iPad Pro 3 is expected to have larger storage space as compared to only the 2- and the 4GB models. It might sport a whopping 512GB internal memory if speculations are going to be precise.

Furthermore, the upcoming iPad is said to have a 10.5-inch model with AMOLED displays. As of now, Apple is using standard LCD panels with LED backlight. This move of moving to AMOLED displays is somehow logical especially knowing that Samsung is already using OLED screens. This move will as well help the device in reducing power consumption.

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It can be recalled that the Cupertino-based company also introduced a dual-camera configuration on the iPhone 7 Plus. As a result, there are speculations that it will as well be applied on the upcoming premium iPad. Plus, a Touch ID fingerprint and a 3D Touch display could also be on the device as Apple scraps the Home button.

With regards to the release of the new iPad, it is said to be some time in 2017. Although there are speculations that it could arrive early next year, consumers should not expect it as Apple has not confirmed it yet.

How about you? When do you think the iPad Pro 3 will hit the market? Are these specs good enough for a premium iPad? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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