Apple Promotes Health Using iOS 8

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Apple is on its way to creating a new health ? focused iOS 8. This means that your future iPhone will have the capacity to track your blood pressure, heart rate and glucose levels. According to 9to5Mac, the company will likely launch the new iOS software later this year. This news further heightens the roar of rumors linking to the creation of the iWatch.

Codename: Okemo

iOS 8, also known as Okemo, will have less focus on the software?s interface unlike the recent iOS 7. The new software is expected to work with Apple?s new iPhone hardware that has intelligent sensors to track your body?s health status and even movements.

The report also includes an app called Healthbook. It will not only track your fitness statistics like the number of calories burned and steps taken, but also your glucose levels, blood pressure and heart rate. This fitness ? monitoring app is likely to go head ? to ? head with the Fitbit Force and Nike?s Fuelband SE. Bringing this awesome feature to smartphones is definitely a new idea.

A Patented Technology to Track Cardiac Data


Apple has recently patented this vital health tracking technology that monitors cardiac data. The iPhone 5S may have the ability to track fitness activities, but cannot track vital health signs. However, heart rate and blood pressure tracking may not be included in this year?s launch of the new iOS 8.

The new iOS software can now allow users to type in data about their medicine intakes and remind them when the medicines must be consumed. The app?s design is said to be closely resembling the Passbook app that houses loyalty cards and coupons.

Apple Hires Fitness Expert

The news about Apple hiring a fitness expert during the development process of its products is no longer surprising for most. The company has hired various fitness and health experts to work on software and hardware development. AllThingsD recently reported that Blahnik will work for an unspecified area of Apple?s project.

Although Apple did not verify the report, Blahnik?s position in the company is still undetermined. The only thing that people can assume is that Blahnik will probably work on a fitness device similar to Nike?s FuelBand. Once the health conscious iOS 8 is released, rumors on the iWatch will probably rise again.

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