Project Titan Update: Is Apple Going To Buy Supercar Maker McLaren?

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Amid rumors of mass layoff from Apple?s Project Titan, a new update has come to light. This time, it seems like the Cupertino tech giant is poised to acquire supercar maker McLaren.

According to Financial Times, the company has been in talks with the British car maker for ?the past couple of months. These meetings are believed to be linked to Apple?s very own Project Titan.

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The said acquisition, which was later confirmed by The New York Times, is to cost Apple something to the tune of $1.5 billion. This will give Apple full control of the daily operations in McLaren, which for last few years, have been reporting annual losses. Of course, this could become a vital part in the tech giant?s dreams of entering the car making scene.

Project Titan is Apple?s venture into the electric car market. It is rumored that Tim Cook approved the project last 2014 and that a handful of current Apple employees are working on it.

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Acquiring McLaren seems like a pretty good idea. The car maker has extensive experience in performance car making as well as deep knowledge in various advanced engineering materials.

McLaren is not a stranger to electric cars too. Although it mainly boasts a very prestigious name in F1 racing, it too has its very own hybrid supercar – the McLaren P1.

However, it is known to many that McLaren caters to the luxurious side of car manufacturing. Most, if not all, of its vehicles are fast and very expensive. This will be in contrast to Apple?s aim for the Project Titan where cars will be cheap and cheerful at best. Perhaps, Apple will only use the car maker as some sort of R&D facility to bolster the tech company?s electric car design efforts.

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All of these may sound very nice. Unfortunately, McLaren denied that there have been any talks between it and Apple. Also, McLaren does not have any intention of forming an alliance with the Cupertino tech giant.

With McLaren denying the rumored tie-up, fans may never know the answer to the age-old question ?If Apple made a car, will it have windows??.

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