Apple to Produce Top-Notch Sapphire Glass

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Make no mistake about it?apple has recently announced that for the first time in its corporate life, it would produce high quality sapphire glass that would be used in its future models. The company has acquired a manufacturing plant in Mesa, Arizona to do just that.

Tim Cook, Apple?s CEO announced in November 2013, that for quite some time, the significant investment at Arizona has been kept in the dark. Now, the company is proud to say that it is a means to improve their products and a new step towards breaking new boundaries.

Queries on Apple

Before Apple announced this major company investment–there has been already a lot of curious buzz as to what Apple is up to in the Arizona plant. The whole world is generally interested in this technological giant, and has always remained interested in any of its latest developments.

Rumors have started last year that the company has shelled out UsD 578 million in Arizona and has entered into an agreement with GT Advanced Technologies that would be binding and firm for the next years. In this agreement, GT Advanced Technologies would provide materials for sapphire glass from Arizona.

More Questions Asked

Reporters laid forth a lot of questions to the company?s CEO. Sapphire glass is known as the toughest and most scratch resistant glass so far out there in the market. It can withstand a lot of bumps and would be resistant to many scrapes. Cook was then asked whether or not the sapphire glass would be used in any of Apple?s latest gadgets in particular.

The company CEO declined to give any comments in the matter. He did not even tell whether or not the sapphire glass would be used in its projected iPhone screens or the highly anticipated, iWatch. However, cook jokingly stated that the glass would be used for a ring.

The company CEO is an admitted workaholic. Cook usually gets up at around 3:30 AM and begins work almost instantly. Other company executives noted that Cook can work through 300 to 400 emails in a day and address issues within the company. Thoroughly hands-on with his work, Cook is committed to see Apple rise further to greater heights.

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