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Apple Presents Innovative Way to Address Texting ? While ? Walking Safety

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It is never safe to text or browse on your mobile device while walking. However, Apple?s latest patent aims to make the activity less dangerous. The patent awarded by the US Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday refers to Apple?s innovative way of using the device?s camera to promote Transparent Texting. The camera continuously captures video images that serve as the device?s background while the user is engaged in a text messaging session.

Texting on a Transparent Screen

The rear camera of the mobile device will be utilized to keep the user safe during a texting ? while ? walking activity. Imagine you are sending a text message to your friend while viewing the ground through the background of your screen display. This feature allows the user to be aware of his or her surroundings while sending messages, whether through SMS or an instant messaging application.

According to Apple?s patent application, the background will show a live video image as viewed by the camera at any given moment. It also stated that the feature lessens the user?s risk of colliding with or stumbling over an object while sending messages.

A Big Help, But Never a Solution


The possible dangers when using a mobile device is unlikely to happen to those using a desktop computer or a laptop. This is because the mobile user frequently moves, which posts a risk for someone texting and walking at the same time. Apple?s patent application cites the company?s concern with people finding it difficult to divide his or her attention between using the mobile device and ensuring one?s safety while in motion.

Walk Now, Text Later

Apple may have meant well with its newly approved patent application, but it might also encourage mobile users from risky behavior. The safety feature could be giving users a false sense of security by being more aware of their surroundings. In order to avoid getting into trouble, it will still be safest to walk now and text later. Ohio State University city and regional planning professor Jack Nasar said that texting ? while ? walking is like talking, where your head is distracted by other things even if you can see what?s in front of you.

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