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Apple Plans To Give Siri 9 More Languages

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It seems like Apple is planning to expand the number of languages that Siri can speak, as the company is now looking for Siri language engineers who will work on nine (9) languages that personal assistant currently doesn?t support. ?

A recent job listing under Jobs at Apple page says that they are in need of engineers with language skills or fluent in Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Russian and Thai.

The job listing reads:

?Come and join the team that teaches Siri how to understand and speak new languages. We are an extremely diverse and passionate group dedicated to bringing the future of intelligent assistants to the world. We are looking for a highly motivated engineer, an expert in foreign languages and with strong software development skills to join our team.?

Siri is Apple?s personal assistant that helps users to get things done simply by asking. It allows users to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more by using their voice. And if there?d be times that Siri could not understand a user?s natural speech, Siri asks questions for more information in order to complete a task.

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Aside from English, Siri can speak of nine (9) different languages as of today, namely: French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Russian.

So once the nine (9) additional languages are fulfilled, the list will ?basically double in number.

It could be remembered that Apple is reported to release a new version of mobile OS later this year, and so many believe that it would bring a number of enhancements and improvements to Siri.

?Siri lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. Ask Siri to do things just by talking the way you talk. Siri understands what you say, knows what you mean, and even talks back. Siri is so easy to use and does so much, you?ll keep finding more and more ways to use it,? Apple said on its official website.

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