Apple News 2017: 32-bit Apps To Be Phased Out Immediately After macOS High Sierra Release

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Apple to phase out 32-bit apps right after macOS High Sierra

As devices continue to improve on a daily basis, it is inevitable that some of the older technologies we use today will become obsolete. As time passes, the applications of programs that we have used for many years become outdated. Hence, the only solution is to move on and forget about the old days. This is the case with the new macOS High Sierra.

According to Mac Rumors, Apple has announced during the WWDC 2017 event that it will begin phasing out 32-bit applications immediately after the release of macOS High Sierra. Starting January 2018, new apps submitted to the App Store should be in 64-bit format. Furthermore, all apps and updates should also be in 64 bits starting June 2018.

It looks like the life of 32-bit systems is coming to an end as Apple prepares the new Mac operating system.

On the flip side, 64-bit applications will be able to offer more value-added features to its users. Additionally, these new apps can also run more smoothly on 64-bit systems as they share the same data width.

Apple to phase out 32-bit apps right after macOS High Sierra

MacBook Pro running on macOS High Sierra (via

In retrospect, between now and 2018, there is still a lot of time to prepare for the end of 32-bit systems. Apple is actually doing developers and users alike a favor by announcing its plans for the desktop OS in advance.

On the other hand, Mac users that are running on macOS Sierra might not face any issues at all. Besides, all the pressure now are being put on developers to update their applications. Otherwise, their apps will be taken down from the App Store as they will not work on the next iteration of the macOS.

Meanwhile, for anyone upgrading to iOS 11 on either the iPhone or iPad, 32-bit apps will not work, full stop. Apple has already given developers enough time to update their respective apps for the iOS ecosystem. However, according to recent statistics, there are still tens of thousands of apps that are not yet updated on the App Store. For more updates on macOS High Sierra, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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