Apple Pay Launches in Hong Kong, France with AmEx, VISA and Mastercard Support

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Apple has apparently taken on the likes of PayPal, Samsung Pay and other online payment systems when it comes to the competition on online purchases. Not to be outdone by the others, “Apple pay”?is slowly extending its regional scope as it recently launched in Hong Kong and France. Supported by giant financial firms like AmEx, VISA and Mastercard, this has truly been a milestone for the Cupertino based giant tech company.

?Apple Pay? in France is supported by VISA and Mastercard, along with debit cards issued by Carrefour Banque. Joining the craze in supporting ?Apple Pay? in France is the country?s second largest banking group, Banque Populaire and Caisse de?Epargne. Boon and Orange, said to be French credit card issuers, were also advertised to arrive soon on the “Apple Pay”?application.

According to CNET, ?Apple Pay? in Hong Kong is currently supported by VISA, Mastercard and AmEx from bank issuers, mainly Standard Chartered, Bank of China (Hong Kong), HSBC, Hang Seng and DBS. And just like Boon and Orange in France, The Bank of East Asia and HKT will soon follow.

Currently, Apple Pay is huge in the United States, but it also stands alongside Samsung Pay and Android Pay. Not only is the competition steep, their regional access is also limited. In France, retailers like Cojean, Eram, Sephora, Total and Bocage have joined the ?Apple Pay? feature. Meanwhile, other retailers expected to join the “Apple Pay”?feature in the coming days include Galeries Lafayette and Boulanger.

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Meanwhile, Hong Kong displays a more adept acceptance of the online payment system as it immediately reflects more than a dozen merchants registering to the feature. These merchants include Jason Food & Living, 7-11, Sa Sa, Mannings, Wellcome and Pizza Hut. ?Apple Pay? is also extended to applications such as SnapTee, Deliveroo, Homeaway, Cathay Pacific Mobile, Klook, HBX, Redsol, FoodPanda and Casetify.

Aside from France and Hong Kong, other countries using the “Apple Pay”?application include the US, Australia, Canada, Singapore, UK and China.

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