Apple Patents Headphone with Fitness Tracker

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The United States Patent and Trademark Office said on Tuesday that it has granted tech giant Apple the patent for its new health and fitness monitoring gadget. This refers to the biometric headphone system that can monitor the human body?s heart rate, temperature and even perspiration levels.

Health Monitoring Headset

Filed in 2007, U.S Patent No. 8, 655, 004 states Apple?s sports monitoring system for earbuds, headphones and/or headsets. This patent application that has recently been approved is proof that the tech giant has been investing time, manpower and money on integrated activity monitors for the past six years.

As stated on the patent, this fitness tracker works by integrating it to the headphones since consumers love listening to music while doing workouts. When you position the headset in the ear, the sensor picks up the user?s perspiration, temperature, heart rate data and other metrics related.

Head Gesture Control


Apple is also maximizing its activity monitoring system with accelerometers, which is why the company proposed a hands ? free navigation that requires head gestures. If you are listening to your favorite music using this headphone, you can shift to the next track or adjust the volume by rotating or tilting your head. You can avoid accidental adjustments by using the button provided to initiate the gesture sequence.

The tech giant also points out that this special headphone may be wireless with the help of Bluetooth technology.


Another focus of Apple related to health and fitness is connected with the upcoming iOS 8. A report from 9to5Mac says that this new mobile OS update could feature the Healthbook app, which keeps track of a user?s activity and vitals over time. The tech giant is also rumored to be working on the smartphone iWatch, but we cannot say yet if the health monitoring system will be integrated to it using the special headset.

Apple has been opening its doors to medical and health professionals, which heightened the people?s excitement on a possible iWatch. It has also left people wondering if the company is working on a standalone monitoring device. Apple applied for the patent on its sports monitoring headphone since 2008, thanks to inventors Quin C. Hoellwarth and Christopher Prest.

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