New Apple Patents Allude to iPhone 8 TouchID and Edge-to-edge Display Features

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Apple patents allude to iPhone features

It should be clear by now that patents are quite important to any company especially big ones like Apple. Also, many would have figured out that Apple has been one of the top companies who file patents on a regular basis.

That is why is not a surprise if we hear about a patent filed by the company. However, this time around, a new patent filing alludes that technology that Apple might have used for the upcoming iPhone 8.

According to Patently Apple, one patent in particular pertains to the technique in reducing the bezel of a certain device. This patent details the techniques in production as well as the rough design of the display in question.

Apple patents allude to iPhone features

Apple patent for a bezel-less display (via patentlyapple.com)

In the patent, Apple suggests using a flexible substrate for the display and touch panels. This particular technique will enable the reduction of the in-active area, otherwise known as the bezel, as the substrate is folded and wraps around the back surface of the panel.

The second patent is basically just an addendum to the one filed back in February. In the new version of the patent, a user may be able to validate a fingerprint on any part of the screen. The new patent also described the separation between the touch panel and the finger biometrics sensing layer. According to the said patent, this could be achieved by a switchable blocking area. This area will go in between the sensor and the touch panel.

Apple patents allude to iPhone features

Apple patent for in-display fingerprint scanning (via patentlyapple.com)

It should be noted that these are nothing but patents that may or may not be implemented at all. Apple files patents on a regular basis to protect itself from various entities that may try and extort money from it. There are no way of verifying if these patents will eventually make their way into the iPhone 8. Nevertheless, if all goes well, fans and consumers alike could be looking at a technological marvel that is the iPhone 8. For more updates on the iPhone 8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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