Apple Partners with Luxury Car Brands for its In – Car Operating System Launch

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The rumored promise of tech giant Apple in bringing its very own iOS to the automobile industry is now starting to actualize. A report in Financial Times claims that Volvo, Ferrari and Mercedez are participating in Apple?s In ? Car Operating System debut this March. An official announcement will be made next week at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.

iOS in the Car

The publication did not mention the name of the rumored operating system, but the details are pointing to Apple?s iOS ? in ? the ? Car program. It was mentioned at the end of the report as having been introduced last year. The details of this program match the description of the rumored operating system for the automobile industry. The report claims that drivers will be given access to Apple Maps, Siri, voice calls, videos, music, text dictation and more.

Company executives have given hints in the past that iOS in the car plays a major role in the company?s future, as well as in the ecosystem. Apple?s keynote speech in last year?s WWDC claims that the company is now working with various car brands. This includes Nissan, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Honda, Ferrari, Mercedes and Volvo. It was reported earlier this year that the program was surrounded by organizational issues. However, it seems that the project is now quickly getting closer to being launched.

Leaked Screenshots and Video

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Apple?s plans to launch a new automotive initiative remains under the radar since it was unveiled. Some automobile manufacturers have already implemented the Siri Eyes Free technology into their car systems. This is still far from the ambitious iOS- in – the – Car program with a full suite of awesome features. Screenshots of the rumored operating system showed up online last month, which were taken from the iOS Simulator tool.


The images showed off how the program will handle highway safety warnings, maps, and routing functions. A short video was recently published the previous month that shows what seems to be the iOS developer tool on iOS 7.1 running the Apple Maps flashing on the iOS ? in ? the ? Car screen display. Apple has not yet confirmed the authenticity of these leaked information and refused to give a comment.

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