MacBook Air 2017 News: Apple Not Ready To Give Up On Mac Air Just Yet

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Apple not ready to give up on MacBook Air just yet

Back in October 2016, Apple somehow alienated the MacBook Air with the introduction of the current MacBook Pro model. At the time, the company wanted consumers to buy the new MacBook Pro instead of the old and outdated MacBook Air. However, it seems like consumers have other things in mind about the ultra-thin laptop.

According to Bloomberg, sales figures for the MacBook Air has never been high since its last update back in 2015. Because of this, Apple has reportedly decided to not discontinue the laptop but instead give it a few upgrades.

The said report suggests that the MacBook Air will not be receiving any aesthetic design changes but merely some performance boosts. Chief of which is the new Intel Kaby Lake processor as well as new NVMe storage from Apple. Apple could also update the RAM to a faster version that is available on the MacBook Pro 2016.

Apple not ready to give up on MacBook Air just yet

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The report also mentioned that Apple might unveil the new laptop this June; during the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, CA. The event, which has never had any hardware launching since 2013, will also be used to announce a few more hardware products from Apple.

Apart from the MacBook Air, Apple is expected to unveil faster and better versions of the MacBook Pro and the MacBook. Just like the former, these laptops will not be receiving any cosmetic changes; only performance upgrades.

Right now, many MacBook Air fans will be so relieved that their favorite MacBook is still alive and kicking. For a moment there, many of these Mac aficionados worried that Apple is prematurely killing the product the many people loved.

The MacBook Air revolutionized mobile computing when it was first introduced back in 2008. The laptop took the computing world by storm by simply being the thinnest and lightest device that runs a full Mac OS. It also started the ultra-book revolution that made way for other thin and light Windows laptops. For more updates on the MacBook Air, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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