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Apple News: iPad Air More Popular With Apple Buyers Vs. iPad Mini?

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iPadAiriPadMiniApple News: iPad Air More Popular With Apple Buyers Vs. iPad Mini?

You’ve finally decided to get a tablet and spent countless days doing online research on whether you will get on the ?Apple? train and get an iPad or settle for a slightly cheaper Android tablet. And then it happens, the ?Apple? bug bites you and you are now 100% convinced that you are finally getting an iPad.

Problem over? Not exactly.

You now have to decide, and probably spend a few more days doing online research, whether you are going to get the iPad Mini (with or without retina display?) or the iPad Air.

Big screen or small screen? Decisions…decisions.

Well, if you are in a rush to go to your favorite gadget store and cannot wait any longer, why not just ?do as the Romans do?.

Based on the latest CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) study, the iPad Air wins hands down in the preference arena based on data accumulated last December 2013.

The iPad Air grabbed a total of 41% of total sales of iPad in the United States for the said period. It supposedly bested the iPad Mini which got a market share of 25%.

All settled. Not yet.

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Video: iPad Mini with Retina Vs. iPad Air (TechSmartt / YouTube)


The 25% market share figure of the iPad Mini is only for its regular or non-retina display model. The iPad Mini with Retina Display grabbed another 16% which gives the iPad Mini a total of 41% also.

It’s a tie. So what are you going to do now?

Well, if you want to be technical about it, CIRP also reveals that the iPad 2 is still getting its share of fans with a 5% of the market last December. So that puts the bigger screen iPad with a 46% share and slightly beating the iPad Mini.

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Video: iPad Air vs. iPad Mini (gottabemobile / YouTube)



The iPad Air is of course an improvement from all the other ?bigger? screen iPads. It does boast of a 9.7 inch display and a thinner form than the usual iPad.

And if you intend to let the five hundred Apple customers surveyed in the US determine your decision for you, then the iPad Air is not such a bad choice to make.

Unless you prefer a smaller screen and a handier gadget… we go again.

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