Apple Shifting More to Mobile Devices, Neglecting iMac and Mac Pro

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Apple Neglecting iMac and Mac Pro

A recent article from Bloomberg must have been hard to swallow for most hardcore Apple fans. For years, these same Apple fans have followed Apple diligently with every product release. Since the very beginning, it has always been the Macs that attracted consumers and fans alike to the Apple brand. Now, the entire world of Apple is shifting to the mobile devices like the iPhones and iPads as of late. This saddens a lot of iMac and Mac Pro fans the most.

According to the article, Apple?s efforts have now been diverted mostly to the design of its mobile devices. The previous team for the iMac and Mac Pro and their respective software division have now been merged together. Even sadder, preference has been given to anything that has something to do with the iPhone or iPad.

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The entire design team of Apple has been thrown in total disarray as of late. Furthermore, it seems that much is given to how much the company would earn instead of providing groundbreaking products. For instance, the new MacBook Pro 2016.

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For weeks now, many users have been complaining about the laptop?s sub par battery performance. On paper, the MacBook Pro 2016 should have a continuous usage time of about 10 hours. While this sounds very good, this is too far from the truth. In fact, users all agree that the average usage time of the new laptop is only six hours. Because of this, many started to question what really happened and why the MacBook Pro 2016 is not delivering its promise.

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As it turns out, the MacBook Pro 2016 could have had a better battery on its release. Unfortunately, due to some prior test failures, the management decided to go for an older battery design. And since the entire hardware have been designed around the new battery, there was not much space left afterwards. This led the engineers to downsize the battery dimensions and hoped for the software department to pick up the slack. But alas, it was not enough.

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Apple has been around for a very long time. From the brink of extinction, it managed to pick itself up and re-invent itself in the process. Even though the bulk of the hardware devices have lagged behind in years, there may still be hope in the future. The Bloomberg article also iterated Tim Cook?s message to his employees that the company has major plans for the Mac hardware. This includes the iMac and the Mac Pro. Unfortunately, not much has been said about the Mac Mini.

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