LG Named 3D Camera Supplier for iPhone 8; TSMC to Push A11 Chip Production

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Apple names iPhone 8 suppliers

The iPhone 8 is perhaps the most highly anticipated smartphone of 2017. Not only will many Apple fans finally get what most of them asked for, but the phone will also go head-to-head with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Both phones are rumored to feature massive improvements and new technological advancements.

That said, while Samsung is busy at work designing the Galaxy Note 8, it seems like Apple is doing its best to meet its planned launch in September. According to various sources, the Cupertino company has already asked its suppliers and contractors to get a move on the production of the components for the iPhone 8. Chief of which is the ARM chip that will power the phone.

TSMC starts Apple A11 ARM SoC fabrication

According to Digitimes, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company or TSMC, one of the biggest semiconductor foundries in Asia, has already started fabricating the A11 chip for the iPhone 8. According to the same report, the company has initially planned on starting the manufacturing back in April. However, due to some technical difficulties, the plan was inevitably moved to May.

The Apple A11 ARM chip will be manufactured with TSMC’s in-house 10nm process technology. It will feature state of the art 10nm FinFET process node common to most semiconductor these days.

Apple names iPhone 8 suppliers

Alleged CAD drawing for upcoming iPhone model (via weibo.com)

Unfortunately, not a lot is known about the supposed A11 chip for the iPhone 8. There was a leaked benchmark for the said ARM SoC a few weeks ago. However, this was dismissed almost immediately as fake or Photoshopped.

It is still a mystery whether or not Apple will eventually go for more than four cores on the A11 chip. With the ever increasing number of mobile processors sporting up to eight cores per die, perhaps Apple might reconsider its design strategy.

Nevertheless, even though the current iPhone 7 only has a quad-core ARM chip, it can still outperform a mobile phone carrying an eight-core processor, especially on single-core processing.

LG to supply 3D camera for the iPhone 8

Apple has also asked LG to supply the 3D cameras for the iPhone 8. The said camera will be front-mounted and will be used in various applications including facial recognition.

According to The Investor, LG Innotek, a part of LG Group, will be supplying the said sensor to Apple. In preparation for the big orders, the company is expected to open a new plant especially for camera production.

At the moment, LG supplies the camera sensors to Apple for the iPhone 7. Apart from being mounted at the front of the phone, the new 3D camera sensor is also smaller than the standard sensor used on the iPhone.

Apple names iPhone 8 suppliers

Alleged iPhone 8 design showing 3D camera at the top of the phone (via weibo.com)

iPhone 8 release date

Until this point, there are still a lot of contentions about the supposed release of the iPhone 8. Earlier this month, a number of market analysts, including Ming-Chi Kuo, have speculated that Apple might not make it this year for the the iPhone 8 launch.

According to various sources, the company was apparently having issues with its suppliers in terms of manufacturing. Chief of which is the new display assembly that will also house the fingerprint sensor.

Now, a new report seems to suggest that Apple somehow managed to rally through. And that the launch in September is now possible. Unfortunately, none of these can be verified. Especially since Apple has been keeping its silence on all matters surrounding the iPhone 8. Right now, the only thing that can be done is to wait. Quite possibly, at some point in the production, a few leaks will appear here and there. These will eventually sate everyone’s curiosity about the iPhone 8. For more updates on the iPhone 8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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