Apple Music vs Spotify Throwdown: Who Does Music Streaming Better

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Apple Music vs Spotify

These days, music lovers no longer have any problems getting their daily dose of music with online streaming direct to their devices. And lately, a music streaming competition is underway – Apple Music vs Spotify! The two music platforms are constantly being compared these days on who does it better. Each platform offers unique and different features and has its own advantages, which we will break down for you:

  1. Number of followers

According to Digital Trends, Spotify currently occupies the top spot of streaming music platform based on number of followers. Spotify currently has over 75 million users, 20 million from which are users that utilize the paid app and at least 55 million more enjoy the free version. Looking at their respective number of users, it can be said that Apple Music is very much behind in terms of the number of users. Apple Music currently has at least 10 million users, a far cry from Spotify?s massive 75 million users, but then it only launched at the start of 2016.

  1. Song base

Spotify might pull in the numbers when it comes to listeners but what about number of songs available? Spotify offers its users over 30 million songs from their music catalog and with over 20,000 new music each day. Impressive as it may sound, Apple Music on the other hand also offers 30 million songs from the iTunes Library. So it seems that the two music giants are neck to neck here.

  1. Exclusive content and features

In addition, Apple music features a 24-hour radio hosted by Zane Lowe and a list of curated songs. Apple Music also has the license to some exclusive songs, something that is missing from Spotify. Although both platforms allow users to integrate their personal music collection to the list; for example, downloaded music from another source, Spotify does not host ?searching? of third party list. Apple Music however, allows its users to search all of their song list from the platform, including those that were downloaded from a third party source.

So what do you think? What platform are you currently using for your music experience? Have you previously tried both providers? What can you say about their respective features?

We?ll leave it up to you to decide the final score on the Apple Music vs Spotify throwdown.


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