Apple Music Vs Groove: Who Wins This Music Streaming Comparison?

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Even with a bevy of music streaming apps on the market, Apple is joining the fray with Apple Music and Microsoft recently rebranded its Xbox Music to Groove. How does the two stack together? Well, based on reviews, Apple Music crushes Groove.

Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple Music is conveniently?usable with all your Apple devices.??Apple Music

What Device: Apple Music is available for anyone with an iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac, Apple Watch, or PC and will be available for Android and Apple TV this fall. It will work on Apple devices with iOS 8.4 and above. ?Apple Music has just been released this June 30 along with three free months-worth of use that you can consume anytime you want and is priced the same as its competitors, including Groove, at $9.99 a month.

Why should you use Apple Music?

Apple has been known to transform the music industry before when it introduced the iPod alongside the iTunes store. Apple Music however isn’t?revolutionizing music streaming as it is still on-par with others such as Spotify. What it does better than other music streaming is by giving its users a more seamless experience of music streaming.

If you are already using an Apple user, you can use Apple Music immediately without a need to download any applications by just entering you Apple ID and password, meaning you can start listening immediately to over 30 million content of music. Apple Music also has a great tailored recommendations feature, Business Insider said, as it?tells you what music to stream or purchase based on your preferences, a helpful feature so your song selection won?t stagnate.

Why Patronize Apple Music Among Others?

Apple Music ties all your music library and ripped tracks via iCloud so you can automatically add music streaming to your library without needing to manually add newly bought or downloaded songs, a report said. With this, you can mix your songs with Apple Music and add your selection with Apple?s streaming library. Apple Music also has custom-curated playlists by Beats Music and if you have used it before, you?ll definitely love it here on Apple Music.

Other great things included on Apple Music is Beats 1 which gives you a real radio station hosted by prominent DJs, an experience that Business Insider?said was great as there is just enough chatter without dragging you on from listening to music. You can also use Siri to launch songs.

The biggest edge Apple Music has over its competition is its family plan where up to six people can use the service for only $14.99 a month. To use this feature, users only need to turn on their iCloud Family sharing. Users do not need to use the same Apple ID for each device.



The clean and neat interface of Groove.??Windows

What Device: Groove is available for use on a Windows device, Xbox console, on the web, and soon on Android phones and iPhones. Groove’s release will coincide with Windows 10.

Why should you use Groove?

Microsoft loves to rebrand their services as it was first called Zune, then rebranded as Xbox Music in 2012, and rebranded a third time as Groove. People say that third time is a charm, but Groove merely is a name a change to coincide with the launch of Windows 10 to make their service relatable to more users. Aside from minor tweaks to the interface, Groove offers nothing new from Xbox Music

Groove offers the same services included on other apps like Spotify. Groove allows you to find and make any playlist you want, create custom stations based on your favorite artists, and stream music. Things like that.

Why Patronize Groove Among Others?

Groove allows you to add MP3s and iTunes tracks to OneDrive so you can have the same songs across all your devices. It also helps you be already equipped when jumping ship from other music streaming apps.

Xbox Music has 38 million available songs, trustedreviews said, edging Apple Music and Spotify with eight million more songs. So it seems that Groove will be carrying this on as well.

Groove is offering users easy ways to navigate Groove as it touts easy to use menus and navigation controls for both mouse and keyboard. Touch gestures for touch-screen, and pinch and zoom functionality.


Apple Music is obviously the winner in our Apple Music Vs Groove comparison. Apple Music?introduces enough new functionalities to keep the experience different from others. However, we still do not know all the functionalities that will be added for Groove once it releases.


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