Apple Music Goes Live Tomorrow

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Apple Music launches tomorrow
Apple Music goes live tomorrow

Apple is gearing up for one of their biggest services yet as Apple Music goes live in just a few more hours ? and yes, Taylor Swift songs are now part of its 30-million song playlist.

Along with the official launch of Apple Music, the tech giant?s music streaming service, Apple will also be updating their latest iOS to iOS 8.4 ? a must upgrade for those who wish to avail of the music streaming service, and the 24/7 Beats 1 Radio Station.

The Lowdown

Apple Music, which was introduced earlier this month during the Apple Worldwide Developer?s Conference in San Francisco, was the tech brands answer to the already popular music streaming services such as Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, and Google Play Music, who recently announced that they will be offering free music streaming ahead of Apple.

Beats Music, another music streaming group, has merged with Apple Music to bring Beats 1 Radio Station, which will be hosted by former BBC DJ Zane Lowe. Aside from special music sets, Beats 1 is expected to also have special guests during the show such as music mogul Pharrell Williams, Drake, Elton John, and Beat?s very own Dr. Dre.

30 Million songs

The music streaming service will have similar features as the others ? the chance for listeners to create their own playlist, with the system suggesting new sounds based on preferred artist, genre, and even the last music played. Apple Music will have 30 million songs in its playlist ? a diverse collection of sounds from mainstream to indie, classic and new.

Apple Music will be able to suggest a line-up according to your preference, new hits gathered by their in-house music editors (Apple has separate team for every genre), and curators such as Rolling Stone Magazine, Pitchfork, and the Grand Ole Opry among others.

The service is tagged at $9.99 per user and a steal at $14.99 for a group of six.

And with the iOS update, you can actually ask Siri to do the music streaming for you. Just set specifics such as, ?the hits of 1982?, ?the new Blur album,? or simply, ?Play songs just like this one.?

The iOS 8.4 is a requirement for Apple Music, so better update by 8AM tomorrow (Pacific Time) ? the first three months of service is free!

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