Apple Music For Android Photos Leaked: Launch Happening Very Soon?

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Android users awaiting the launch of Apple Music into their OS need not wait long for confirmation as leaked screenshots of the reported streaming music service have emerged. Months after Apple announced its decision to share Apple Music for Android users, German tech site Mobile Geeks posted photos of the Android version of the app, reported by Billboard.

Apple Music for Android

Looking at the screenshots, the proposed version is very much a rendition of the Apple Music release, with Beats 1 and the ?For You? and ?New Screens? more notable. And according to Billboard, ?cosmetically, the app looks the same however the navigation leans heavily on Android?s drop-down menu in the top-left corner.?

Although Apple Music for Android was announced that it would launch in the fall, the company still hasn?t decided on the exact date for the release. You can view the leaked screenshots here.

In other news, Apple has recently released a 21.5-inch and a 27-inch of their iMac 2015. Both models have several variants with varying specs. Here is everything you should know about the iMac 2015 before making your purchase. They have also announced the new Apple TV which is now available on over 80 countries.

Apple TV

Tech Crunch reports that included in the box are the Apple TV and remote with a lightning-to-USB cable and power cord. Additional Siri remotes are also available for $79, ?Remote Loops? (wrist wraps) for $12.99 and AppleCare insurance for $29. Apple TV is available to order for over 80 countries in two different storage capacities. 32GB streaming box?is selling for $149 while the bigger 64GB version costs around $199. First batch of orders will begin distribution on October 30.

iMac 2015

You can now purchase the iMac 2015 on your local store or via Apple?s website and prices range from $1,499 up to $2,299. Only the top of the line 21.5-inch model includes a Retina 4k display while all variants of the 27-inch has a 5K Retina Display. The 27-inch is also significantly better as it has Intel?s sixth-gen core processor known as Skylake while the 21.5-inch only has the fifth-gen Broadwell.

For more information about the new Apple product, check out the link here.

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