Apple Music Android App Download Details: Release Date And Features To Watch Out For

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Noting some of the biggest moves in smartphone devices, Apple Music has just launched its services to Android. Some of the features from Apple Music that have made the transition will include Beats 1, Connect, and custom music suggestions. The app is reported to be in a ?beta? release for the time being, ?with its missing features begin added back in before that label is removed,? according to the Verge.

?We?ve obviously been really excited about the response we?ve gotten to Apple Music. People love the human curation aspects of it, discovery, radio,? Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue told TechCrunch. ?But from the moment we got into music, many, many years ago, we?ve always wanted to do things for everyone when it came down to music. Part of that was letting you enjoy your music no matter where you were and what products you were using.?

The beta version of Apple Music on Android will be available in all of the countries except for China, which will be launching ?very soon,? according to TechCrunch. The app will be similar to the version of the iOS and will come with a 3-month free trial.

?So if you?ve got another device with Apple Music and you?ve got your whole music library in the cloud you can access it from Android,? Cue said. ?If you haven?t, but you?ve purchased music from iTunes in the past, if you use the same Apple ID when you join Android it?ll read all the music you?ve purchased.?

The app will not feature Music Videos as well as signing up for a family membership within the app. Cue also shared that the company decided to go with the standard Android built when designing Apple Music. ?It?s a full native app, so it will look and feel like an Android app. The menus will look like Android, you know the little hamburger they use on the top. It?ll definitely feel very much like an Android app,? Cue shared.

It?s still too early to say if Apple Music made the right move in sharing their app to Android, but it?s definitely a big leap for them. Apple Music on Android is now available to download on Google Play. Download the app by clicking the link here. What do you think about Apple Music moving its way to Android? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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