iPhone SE Refresh Might Not Happen Anytime Soon

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The iPhone SE is perhaps one of Apple’s most successful smartphones to date. In the U.S. alone, more than five percent of the overall mobile phone sales belong to the said phone. Furthermore, only recently, Apple opened a new manufacturing plant in India specifically for the iPhone SE.

For many months now, Apple users who loved the phone for its size and performance have been clamouring for a refresh. So much so that many have speculated its refresh a few months back. However, an analyst now claims that Apple might reconsider refreshing the iPhone SE, at least for the time being.

According to Xiaomi analyst Pan Jiutang, there is a high likelihood that Apple will not release an update for the iPhone SE. The analyst said that the current market trends does not warrant an update since most consumers are looking for bigger phones.

According to Jiutang, consumers nowadays are more accustomed to using phones with display sizes from five inches an up. This has a lot to do with the screen real estate the bigger displays offer.

Apple might not refresh iPhone SE anytime soon

iPhone SE (via apple.com)

While it may sound reasonable, Apple has indeed left the design of the iPhone SE past its prime. The only minor upgrade that the Cupertino company did on the phone was to upgrade the available storage size. Apart from that, nothing much is changes when it comes to the overall look and feel of the phone.

The iPhone SE is, by far, the cheapest phone from Apple at the moment. The 32GB version retails for $399; a lot cheaper than the current iPhone 7 models. This is the reason why most consumers opt for the iPhone SE if they want to experience the same user-friendliness of iOS.

It is quite curious to know is Apple really has plans on updating the iPhone SE. So far, most rumors point to a possible update sometime this year. Whether or not Juitang’s predictions hold true, maybe Apple will just surprise its fanbase when it releases the iPhone 8 later this year.

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