Apple Might Have ‘Smart Ear Pods’ for iPhone 6

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Apple Smart Earpods
Apple Smart Earpods

Smartwatches have been the buzz for ?a while with companies like Sony, ConnecteDevice, Pebble, etc.? All of them? intent on giving us the BEST smartwatch there is. However, Apple isn?t a one of these companies, and it might have something different in mind. Instead of Smartwatches, they might introduce Smart Earpods along with the release of iPhone 6.

The rumor started to spread ?within the community of users of ?Secret?, an app that lets people share interesting and classified~ish things anonymously. A member said that Apple is currently working on something called ?Smart Earpods? and it will be released along with iPhone 6 in the future.

It will also have the ability to actively monitor heart rate and blood pressure at the same time.? It will also ?be equipped with an app like iBeacon, which will let ?users quickly find out where they can find their missing Smart Earpods on situations where owners cannot remember where they threw them away. Things like this always happen with earphones, earplugs and ear pods. If these information are to be believed, it is indeed something very interesting, as nobody has done something like it before.

So why would people actually believe such rumor?

Way back 2007, Apple already filed a patent for a device that will be worn on the ear (or clipped) and it will also have physiological sensors that will track the wearer?s movements. If there?s anything close to this idea, Smart Earpods would certainly come to mind.

Despite this being just a rumor, Apple is actually working on improving their current earpods, so there?s a good chance that this rumor might be a fact that is yet to be officially announced. It is said that the improved earpods for the upcoming iPhone 6 will have more microphones to assist in eliminating unwanted noise from the ambient source.

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