Apple Might Experience Shortage of iPhone 8 and Other Handsets

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iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s shortage

To most people, perhaps it is still too soon to be talking about buying an iPhone 8. For one, the phone is still months away from having its official release. Secondly,  one might have to save quite a bit much just to afford one.

While these reasons may be true to some extent, iPhone fans will surely be queueing up when the iPhone 8 comes. Unfortunately, it would seem that anyone thinking of being the first one to own Apple’s new iPhones might have to do a bit more hard work than intended.

The reason for this is such rumor that Apple suppliers and contractors like Foxconn and Pegatron are having production issues with the iPhone 8. The issue lies with the OLED display itself, as reported by Digitimes.

According to Digitimes, these manufacturers are still experiencing a rather low yield rate for the said display. Because of this, the mass production for the iPhone 8 has been pushed at a much later date.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s shortage

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To make matters worse, production schedule for the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus are already delayed by two months. The report said these phones will stat mass production around August this year. That said, the iPhone 8 will only enter production in big volume between November and December.

This does not mean that Apple will not have iPhone 8 units to sell following its launch. What it means is, during the official release of the phone, only limited quantities will be available to sell. This also means that consumers and fans alike hoping to get a few of the first batch of phone will have to work hard for them.

The report also claimed that Foxconn took the majority of orders for the iPhone 8. Nearly 95 percent of the total order went to the manufacturer while the rest goes to Pegatron. On the other hand, Pegratron secured most of the orders for the iPhone 7s and Winston had all the iPhone 7s Plus. For more updates on the iPhone 8, be sure to check us out at The Bitbag.

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