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Apple Mar. 21 Event Live Stream Link: What To Expect

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The much-anticipated Apple event is finally here. Fans are getting ready to see the launch of exciting and amazing new devices the tech giant has in store. From iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch accessories and Macbooks, here are some of the things that you can expect at the upcoming event:

Apple iPhone SE

Apple is reported to release a small, budget-friendly version of its flagship smartphone with the upcoming iPhone SE. They have made an interesting decision in terms of its upcoming device since it will reportedly have the old design of the iPhone 5S rather than a small-scale size of the iPhone 6S, Forbes reported.

Whether Apple?s move will give them an advantage or surprisingly become a complication is still up in the air. If there should be any reason why this will be a good move for Apple, it should bring its upcoming 4-inch device to a lower cost that will entice a lot of consumers to buy the units right away.

MacBook Pro

A number of reports have stated that Apple will reveal its new line of MacBook Pro in it?s exciting event, according to Yibada. As for its features, Apple will install a new Skylake processor in the MacBook Pro 2016 which will have a huge difference compared to performance of the previous MacBooks.

Aside from the Skylake processor, Apple is also looking to add a possible touchscreen feature. Ryan Reith, program director with the International Data Collection, previously mentioned that a touch screen feature as an interesting look for the MacBook Pro since the iPad might not be getting any more popular. ?

?I don?t the iPad as a category grows,? he told Brooke Crothers of Forbes in an interview. ?The way that we tend to view the iPad Pro is that it?s kind of a stopgap solution until they get a Mac line to the point of a touch screen and possibly detachable keyboard.?

Apple Watch Accessories

According to rumors, the upcoming Apple Watch may also be announced at the upcoming Apple event. But other reports have suggested that the tech company is set to release new Apple Watch accessories and software updates instead of a new watch, according to MacRumors.


Apple is also reported to release a smaller iPad model that will supposedly be integrated into the iPad Pro category, 3G UK reported. The tech company is planning to remove its ?Air? variant and will launch a 9.7-inch tablet that will be under the iPad Pro line.

It will reportedly support Apple Pencil and have a Smart Connector port that will be able to attach an Apple smart Keyboard. The rumored iPad Pro is also reported to feature an A9X processor and RAM upgrade.

The Apple event is set to start this Monday, March 21 at the company?s headquarters in Cupertino, San Francisco at 10 a.m. PDT, according to Daily Star. To watch the keynote of Tim Cook live from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, check out this live stream link.

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