Apple Maps Update: Rail Crossing Data Added To Avoid Another Fatal Accident

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Apple Maps is now a vital part of our society. People completely depend on the app for their navigation and transportation. New York Times reported that Google has played a vital role in the fatal accident last year.

National Transportation Safety Board ordered to add Rail Crossing

Tech giants like Apple and Google have been ordered to add proper rail crossing in their maps. After commending a 2-year long investigation, the National Transportation Safety board called tech companies, Apple and Google to include the exact location of 20,000 rail and grade crossings to their maps.

A grade crossing is a place where the rails and the roads are at the same level. This creates a misguidance for the drivers and they weren’t able to figure out where to take the turn. After the fatal accident in California last year, the organization teamed up with Federal Railroad administration to get help from technology companies for adding alerts for the safety of people.

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apple maps

In Apple maps, the grade crossings are not marked, which didn?t warn the drivers to stay alert and avoid crossing them haphazardly. The drivers can even turn onto the tracks and get stuck. The organization wanted the tech companies to mark the grade crossing as the blinking lights and the railroad crossing to be marked with X.

After the fatal crash happened in California due to Google maps, the company started implementing changes in its mapping data. It stated that it would add audio-visual warnings for grade and rail crossings. Likewise, Apple also agreed to add rail and grade crossing data.

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Fatal Accident Killed 32 lives last year

Jose Alejandro Sanchez-Ramirez, an engineer by profession was following Google maps on his smartphone to drive his Ford truck in California last year. He was confused and thought that the app was telling him to go, but he ended up stuck on the railroad tracks.

Before he realized that he had made a terrible mistake, a commuter train hit the Ford truck, killing him along with the 32 others. Marking grade and rail crossing for the safety of the people is the smart move by the tech companies.

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