What Will macOS High Sierra Do to Your Old Mac Computer

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macOS High Sierra features

The macOS is perhaps the best and safest desktop operating system available in the market. Apple has been devoting quite a lot of research and development on the OS to make it the way it is. And with the upcoming macOS High Sierra, user experience is to be taken to a whole new level.

Apple announced the new macOS High Sierra during the kick off ceremony of this year’s WWDC event. The event, which was held in San Jose, CA, showcase new features of the new desktop operating system.

Filing system designed from the ground up

In this version of macOS, Apple will be introducing its very own computer filing system, the Apple File System or APFS. The new file system boasts full 64-bit application support, increased system responsiveness as well as user security.

The 64-bit support leverages today’s solid state storage devices and makes common tasks like file searching and duplication happen instantly.

New 4K video technology

In addition to the new filing system, macOS High Sierra also supports the latest 4K video encoding technology, the HEVC. This new technology is 40 percent more efficient in compressing video files. With the use of HEVC, video streaming is now faster and smoother as well as taking less hard drive space.

macOS High Sierra features

New Photos app features for the macOS High Sierra (via

New photo features

Among other improvements to the new desktop OS, Apple also updated the Photos app. The app now features improved facial recognition on images as well as the ability to edit live photos. For those wanting to create breathtaking photos with their Mac can now do so with the added photo editing features on the app. Users will be able to adjust image settings, such as curves, like a pro.

This is a definite advantage to those who have always admired Apple’s premium photo features — a far cry even for top low-cost picks which boast of improved photo features.

Elevate your browsing experience

With all the new improvements, Safari will get the most number of changes. For one, users will soon be able to prevent unsolicited videos from ads from automatically playing in the background. With machine learning, the new Safari browser can efficiently keep browsing history safe and private; even locations with advanced tracking prevention.

macOS High Sierra features

Apple’s Craig Federighi discussing Metal 2 for the macOS High Sierra (via

Finally, on the Safari browser, Apple has made improvements to make it the fastest web browser available on the Internet.

VR support

Unfortunately, this bit of the upgrade will not be supported on older systems. This is due to the fact that virtual reality is mostly hardware dependent. It relies on high-end graphics cards to process two high-resolution images at the same time; something that only a beefy GPU can do.

On the other hand, for those who will get the latest Mac hardware, the macOS High Sierra will offer support for Steam VR.

Supported hardware

Finally, the most important part of most updates, the compatibility or support. Mac users will be happy to know that even older systems can take advantage of some of macOS High Sierra’s new features. According to Apple, as long as the system supports the current version, upgrading to the macOS High Sierra should not be a problem at all.

This would mean that iMacs and MacBooks released from 2009 and beyond will be able to download the update. Other hardware released from 2010 and beyond will also be able to make use of the new OS.

The new macOS High Sierra is now available in developer beta version. The public beta will be released in a few weeks or so. Finally, users should expect the official release of the new OS some time before the end of the year. For more updates on macOS High Sierra, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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