Apple MacBook Pro Saves Man’s Life From Fatal Shooting

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The MacBook Pro is certainly one of the most popular notebooks in the market today. Many tech fans prefer the MacBook Pro because of its simple, sleek design and powerful specs. It is also very sturdy and can withstand a lot of abuse. If some people doubt this, just check the story where an Apple MacBook Pro saves man’s life from a fatal shooting.

The recent shooting tragedy at the Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida has certainly affected countless lives. Five people were killed and many were injured because of the incident.

MacBook Pro Saves Man’s Life

Thankfully, Stephen Frappier is not one of those casualties thanks to his reliable MacBook Pro notebook. According to TechGuide, Frappier was at the baggage claim area of the airport when the gunman opened fire but miraculously he was not injured.

The report mentioned that Frappier felt something hit his backpack as he dove to the floor. But at the time he simply thought it was a piece of luggage.

It was only when he checked himself for injuries in the bathroom that he noticed that it was actually a bullet that had hit his bag. According to the lucky Frappier, it was the combination of his backpack, the plastic casing of the notebook and the MacBook Pro itself which saved his life.

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Upon seeing his MacBook Pro, it is clearly visible where the bullet had entered. It may not be the latest model of the MacBook Pro yet it can clearly withstand a lot of damage.

Frappier is just lucky that the bullet had hit his MacBook Pro or he may have been seriously injured. Had the bullet missed his MacBook Pro, he could have been one of the casualties of the horrific tragedy.

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