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Apple says it has no intentions of using ARM processors on MacBook Pros

Year after year, ARM-based SoCs are improving at an impressive rate. There are even new ARM processors that are somewhat comparable to the previous generation desktop processors. This jump in performance led many to speculate that Apple could be making a jump as well to ARM for its line of laptops like the MacBook Pro. While it could be quite possible, Apple made it clear that it does not have any intentions of changing systems for the MacBook Pro or any other Mac device.

According to Axios, Apple has no intentions of using an ARM chip to a Mac or a MacBook Pro as a main system. However, the company is not closing its doors on the possibility for more ARM chips used for peripheral devices.

At the moment, the latest MacBook Pro is already equipped with an ARM chip. This chip controls the Touch Bar and Touch ID features of the 1026 MacBook Pro. While the prospect of using an ARM chip to MacBook Pro is quite enticing, it will remain to be with the mobile devices that Apple sells in the market.

Apple says it has no intentions of using ARM processors on MacBook Pros

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Even if Apple chooses to switch to the ARM platform, it is not entirely new to the company. In fact, back in 2006, Apple made a huge decision to ditch the PowerPC line of processors in favor of the Intel line of chips.

Another aspect of it not being a surprise at all is the fact that Intel has been lagging behind in terms of performance for a few years now. Its old strategy of small incremental upgrades for each product released has led to the boost in market for other products like the AMD Ryzen processor.

Perhaps the most obvious change that could possibly come is the switch to AMD processors instead of ARM chips. Right now, Intel is caught between a rock and a hard place as AMD unleashed its newest line of cheap and high-performance processors. Maybe in the near future, consumers could be seeing a Mac product that uses an AMD processor. In hindsight, Apple has already made the switch to AMD graphics on the new MacBook Pros and Mac Pros. It is only a matter of time before it makes the same switch to AMD processors. For more updates on the MacBook Pro, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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