Apple MacBook Pro 2017 Coming Soon as Intel Prepares to Roll out New Processors

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Finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for is upon us. Intel has formally announced the new Kaby Lake processors lineup coming this year. The said processors will also be featured in this year?s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in a few days. In line with the announcement made by Intel, many experts now believe that a MacBook 2017 refresh will also be release before long.

Since the initial release of the MacBook Pro last October, Apple has been on the receiving end of many complaints. From sub par battery life to buggy display firmware, it is not looking good for Apple of late.

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The recent criticisms thrown at the company have resulted in a steady migration of Mac users to Microsoft. As reported by the Microsoft blog, many Mac users are beginning to switch to the Windows system, specifically the Surface Pro. For Apple, this is terrible news indeed. Losing its loyal fanbase will definitely hurt the company in the long run.

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In recompense, Apple then has an option to do an early release of the MacBook Pro based on the Kaby Lake chips. This is probably the best case scenario for the company to gain back the trust of its loyal customers.

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That being said, perhaps consumers will be seeing a new MacBook Pro 2017 sooner, rather than later. Especially now that the Kaby Lake processor, that can power the laptop, will be available soon.

The new Intel Kaby Lake processors will be formally announced at Intel?s CES 2017 event. The semiconductor company will be unveiling a series of new chips that will power the next generation of electronic gadgets. These devices range from the 2-in-1 hybrid systems to high-performance workstations like the Mac Pro.

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According to Intel, some of the processors will have native support for virtual reality gaming as well as 4K video processing. In addition to these, performance and efficiency have been improved immensely on the new line of semiconductor products. In line with this, many mobile devices will benefit from Intel?s new processors when it comes to power savings without compromising on performance.

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