Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Review: Laptop Causing Disappointments To Owners? Many Shift To Microsoft?

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Apple MacBook Pro 2016

Since the actual release of the MacBook Pro 2016, it has been a source of frustration and anger. Many day one buyers have complained of the laptop?s sub par performance and major glitches. Because of this, there have been a major shift in the laptop market as many MacBook Pro users make a move to Microsoft.

There have been ?reports that the Microsoft?s trade in program for the Surface Pro has gained popularity over the weeks. According to Microsoft, more MacBook Pro 2016 users have began switching to the Surface Pro in the passed weeks.

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The switch is mainly due to issues surrounding Apple?s new laptop. For one, many veteran Mac users gripe about the interface ports, or lack thereof. Apple?s decision to change all the ports of the MacBook Pro 2016 has resulted in a backlash from loyalists. Others even called the move as Apple?s propaganda to move its line of adapters from its online store.

MacBook Pro 2016 Display Glitch

MacBook PRo 2016 Screen Showing Display Glitch (credit Daniel Brown)

In addition to the ports, another big issue as well is the published usage time of the laptop. According to claims, the MacBook Pro can run for as long as 10 hours of continuous use. However, many reports revealed that usage time is normally 6 hours on average. Some people we able to extend the usage by a couple of hours by setting the backlight to a minimum.

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Finally, there is the display glitch that plagued the 15-inch MacBook Pro. Initial reports showed users posting images of their laptops displaying erroneous graphics on the screen. As the days went by, more and more people have reported the same issue with their laptops. At first, it was thought that the problem lies on the hardware itself. However, after some 13-inch MacBook Pros experienced the same glitch, the problem switched to firmware issues.

The recent influx of Mac users switching to the Surface Pro could spell disaster for Apple. Losing one?s valued customers is not a good sign of confidence especially for an innovator like Apple. Nevertheless, the continued losses might for the Cupertino company to re-release the MacBook Pro early next year. If that happens, one can only hope that Apple will take the time to make the changes necessary for the laptop.

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