Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Woes Boosts Microsoft Surface Book i7 Sales; Surface Pro 5 Release To Be A Hit!

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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Beating MacBook Pro 2016

There have been reports that Apple is losing loyal customers slowly and steadily. The recent issues regarding the Apple MacBook Pro 2016 led many to consider shifting to Microsoft’s home base. The new laptop?s lacklustre specs also did not help loyalist in sticking up for Apple this time. In fact, many of them have opted for the Microsoft Surface Pro swap deals.

The recent influx of customers to Microsoft?s doorstep has caused quite a stir lately. At the moment, many experts believe the Surface Pro 4 is the best tablet to come out of the market yet. The tablet beats Apple?s iPad Pro in terms of performance and features. This is why many think that the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be more of a hit on its release.

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Many would know by now that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will come in 2017 with Intel?s Kaby Lake processor. The processor alone is enough to consider the tablet a truly magnificent machine. Like its predecessor, it will also sport the same i7 Series chip, only this time, more powerful and efficient.

The new chip will feature native support for 4K video as well as Thunderbolt 3. Because of the increased performance, more and more consumers are actually considering the Surface Pro 5 instead of the rumored iPad Pro 2.

Surface Pro 4 Exchange Offer

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Like its predecessor, the purported iPad Pro 2 will sport an updated ARM processor, possibly an A10X Fusion. Many will agree that when it comes to performance, an ARM processor of this calibre is no match with an i7 chip.

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In fact, a recent benchmark test revealed that the current A10 Fusion chip is far inferior with the measly m3 processor from Intel. The m3 chip performed at least 10 percent faster on single-core processing. Meanwhile, the multi-core score is better by more than 20 percent margin in favor of the Intel chip.

Unless Apple does something radical on the iPad Pro 2, its demise will be inevitable. Consumers nowadays tend to look for more bang for buck. And at the moment, Microsoft is giving it to them with the Surface Pro 5.

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