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Apple MacBook Air: Release Date Rumors and Discussion

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Tomorrow is a big day for Apple as they release the latest of their innovations.

The Apple Watch is speculated to be making an appearance tomorrow, as well as the Apple MacBook Air?the one with the Retina display. If figures and recent news are to be believed, however, the MacBook Air doesn?t enjoy the same level of success as its wearable cousin. Reports are coming in that the MacBook Air won?t be coming as scheduled, and people who are eagerly waiting for the laptop to arrive will have to wait a little more before they get their hands on the MacBook Air.

We?ve got some discussions here coming our way. The first one?from MacRumors?chronicles the changing mind of the release of the MacBook Air with the Retina display. So what will happen if it doesn?t release in time? Another item that we?re going to take a look at comes from CNET, and this one bears a bit of good news. Apparently, the MacBook Air everyone?s been waiting for will be arriving pretty soon?like next quarter-soon.

MacBook Delayed

MacBook customers in the US and other territories will have to wait for the MacBook Air another day.

Some reports?as it appeared on the Mac Rumors website?seem to suggest that the MacBook Air will be arriving just a wee bit late in the US, Canada, and Mexico. The UK and Australia, however, appears to have gotten the better end of the deal. The former have had availability slip from ?in stock? to ?1 business day?, while the latter has theirs unchanged, in a stroke of luck. This all happened as the MacBook Air Retina is scheduled to arrive at Monday?s ?Spring Forward? event.

This comes as no surprise, however. It might be that Apple can?t afford any slip-ups from defective products or are considering supplying the aforementioned territories with enough stock to avoid loss of sales. Will the MacBook Air sell like hotcakes, as Apple could be viewing it would?

An Exciting Next Quarter

This might not be a reaction to the XPS 13, but Apple seems to be making its presence felt with this MacBook.

The MacBook Air?the new one?sports a Retina display, as per CNET. That makes it seem like the MacBook Air is getting an overhaul because of the XPS 13?s crisp display, but perhaps Apple just thought it was time to upgrade their MacBook Air variant. Features aside, the MacBook Air appears to be geared for mobile professionals who are in the graphic design industry. This could be interesting, and potential buyers could take a look at the new MacBook Air as it appears on Monday?s ?Spring Forward? event, as per CNET.

What could this mean for Apple? Was it borne out of trying to compete, or is it purely due to making the Apple MacBook Air updated? We will find out more about this as Monday?s event commences.

Everything hinges on ?Spring Forward?

Monday?s ?Spring Forward? event might be more than just a springboard for the Apple Watch. It should be interesting to watch if it has something to offer, especially to people who are expecting to see at least something about the MacBook Air with the Retina display. Knowing Apple, they probably have something up their sleeves concerning the MacBook Air with the Retina display.


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