Apple MacBook Air Facing Discontinuation in 2017

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Apple MacBook Air

Months since the release of the MacBook Pro 2016, many experts have been speculating the demise of the MacBook Air. This is due to the fact that last October, the ultra-thin laptop did not get a refresh at all. Furthermore, Apple seems like it is pushing the new MacBook Pro 2016 as a replacement for the MacBook Air.

Now, a new report from a Chinese online publication suggests that Apple is indeed pulling the laptop from the market. According to IT Home, marker analyst IHS reported that the Cupertino company reduced the LCD display order for the MacBook Air. From the previous number of 6 million, this year’s order is set to 2.7 million only.

Last October, during the release of the MacBook Pro 2016, Apple informally discontinued the 11-inch version of the ultra-light laptop. The tech giant also made reference to the MacBook Pro to be as good, or better, than the MacBook Air. Furthermore, part of the marketing strategy is to divert consumers to the new laptop by Apple. This led many to speculate that Apple will be discontinuing the laptop pretty soon. It seems like they were right.

Apple MacBook Air

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Perhaps the telltale sign that the MacBook Air is facing its demise is the arrival of the new MacBook. Back in 2006, Apple released the updated version of its original laptop, only this time it resembled the MacBook Air. It featured a single USB Type-C port that serves as the data and power port.

Fast-forward to 2016, the MacBook Pro assumed almost the same design features. Apple made the new version of the laptop lighter than ever as well as more powerful. The new design makes it ideal to adopt the new laptop rather than the older MacBook Air.

This news is quite sad for many MacBook Air fans. Over the years, Apple has generated quite a number of loyal fans who continue to venerate the laptop. However, it would seem that change is inevitable. By the looks of it, the MacBook Air could be facing its demise sooner, rather than later. That being said, it still is, by far one of the best ultra-light laptops from Apple to date.

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