MacBook Air 2017 Price, New Specs: It Lives But Is It Really Necessary?

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MacBook Air lives

Last month, a piece from Bloomberg reporting on the fate of Mac products was published on the Internet. The most interesting bit of the report was the part where it says Apple is still not done with the MacBook Air.

According to the said report, the Cupertino company has decided not to discontinue its first ultra-light laptop and give it a few upgrades instead.

Unfortunately, a new statement from someone who calls themselves the Foxconn Insider claims that the MacBook Air has been discontinued. According to the source, the last time they checked, the laptop is indeed discontinued. However, the group did not close the idea of a product refresh.

For a MacBook Air fan, this bit of news is rather frustrating. Apple has already made a decision last year that the replacement for the MacBook Air is the new MacBook Pro. Fortunately, fresh off of this year’s WWDC 2017 event, it seems like the laptop will still see the light of day.

The two laptops are roughly the same weight and dimensions, with the MacBook Pro performing better with a faster processor. However it seems like not a lot of Mac fans bought the same crap from Apple. Instead, the company has seen an increase of sales for the MacBook Air of late.

MacBook Air lives

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Reasons why people loved the MacBook Air

It is quite obvious that the MacBook Air has had its fair share of ups and downs over the years. When it first released back in 2008, everyone went crazy. Especially when Steve Jobs took out the 11-inch version from inside a manila envelope for everyone to see.

Eventually, the spell broke a few years later when a number of users have complained of the quality and robustness of the laptop. This prompted a redesign which leads us to the current look of the MacBook Air now. Since the second generation, Apple only did incremental upgrades to the laptop by changing the processor as well as memory and storage with every iteration. However, one cannot deny that the MacBook Air has made a special place in all Mac aficionados next to the MacBook Pro.

The main reason why most Mac users loved the MacBook Air is the price. Right now, the basic 13-inch model costs only $999. This is a rather small amount to pay compared to it supposed replacement of $1,499.

The next reason is, it is a performer. Of course, compared to a MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air only comes second. However, if one wants to compare it to a product with the same build style, i.e. the MacBook, one will still choose the MacBook Air. Furthermore, while performing better than the MacBook, the Air is still cheaper in comparison to it. The cheapest MacBook is priced at $1,299 and it only runs on an Intel m3 processor.

MacBook Air Lives

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Thirdly, in addition to performance, the MacBook Air lasts longer than most Apple laptops. There is no denying that that 12-hour battery life is one of the best things about the MacBook Air. It lasts two full-hours compared to the MacBook Pro and the MacBook.

Finally, the Air offers an in-between option for Mac fans.

Being able to select the middle ground in terms of performance and price is something that is quite attractive to any consumer. This is especially true since Apple products do not come cheap. Having a cheaper, better performing laptop, minus a great display, is enough for an entry-level Mac user.

Is the MacBook Air still relevant?

The honest answer is no. As sad as it may sound, the MacBook Air is quite dated. The display, compared to newer models, tend to feel a bit claustrophobic due to low resolution. Furthermore, knowing that a lighter MacBook had been available for years, the Air feels a bit heavier than it usually is.

Unfortunately, many would probably agree that the laptop it still far better to use than the MacBook. The only time that the Air will become completely irrelevant is when Apple decides to make the original MacBook as its successor.

Right now, many consumers still find the MacBook quite steep when it comes to pricing. Granted, one would be getting a superb display, however, it is undeniable that it still lacks in punch. The Intel m series processor is still a far cry from a full-fledged desktop or laptop processor.

Life after the MacBook Air

Sadly, discontinuing the MacBook Air meant that consumers will lose that middle ground. They will be forced to buy either the MacBook or the MacBook Pro. In hindsight, this is quite an ingenious plan; a strategy called up-selling.

The way it works is by giving consumers limited options. Those who are undecided will eventually choose the next best thing in the choices as a compromise.

MacBook Air vs MacBook (via

For instance, most medium to heavy users choose that MacBook Air. Since this will not be an option anymore, they will be forced to select the next best thing, which is the MacBook Pro. This will ensure that they have enough in terms of performance.

On the other hand, this can also mean some loss for Apple. Since the MacBook Pro is quite pricey, even compared to the top-tier MacBook Air, many might opt out and choose another brand instead.

A Surface Pro with an Intel i5 processor is roughly the same price as the MacBook. It offers far more conveniences like touch display and good portability than any of the Mac laptops. Although one might argue that the Surface Pro is technically a tablet but one should not forget that it is actually a 2-in-1 device.

Whether or not Mac fans are ready to bid the MacBook Air goodbye, it will be discontinued eventually. Apple has already discontinued the smaller MacBook Air immediately after the release of the MacBook Pro. It will not be long before the laptop shares the same fate as its litter sister.

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