Apple Mac Pro Specs, Release Date: Apple To Release New Mac Pro in 2017

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Apple Mac Pro

A document briefly available from Intel?s official website has shed some light about an upcoming Apple Mac Pro. The said document for partner companies listed 11 quad-core processors that are expected to to be available in the first quarter of 2017. These processors could be used in a new Mac pro or/and iMac.

Apple Mac Pro Processors

The document revealed the lineup that includes three Core i7 and seven Core i5 processors. In addition, a single Xeon E3 v6 chip has also made its way into the list. The processors listed above are Intel?s Kaby Lake processors and will surely be superior to the present Skylake processors.

However, people who are currently using Skylake or even Haswell processors shouldn?t expect a big boost in performance. Intel processors are known for having a small improvement over their predecessors. Furthermore, the Kaby Lake processors show 200Mhz higher base clock speed across processors that are usually used in Apple Mac Pro and iMac.

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According to the website AppleInsider, the upcoming processors to be featured in Apple devices are the i5-7500, i5-7600, and the i7-7700K. Turbo clock speeds, as well as the thermal design, are still not known at the present time.

Apple Mac Pro Scheduled For March 2017 Release?

Apple Mac Pro

According to the website MacWorld, March next year is the ideal release date for the Mac Pro, as well as other Apple products. However, the website also specified that it would just be an updated internal components and not a full redesigned device.

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Another Apple Mac Pro Release Hint

Apparently, a code in OS X El Capitan revealed that a new Mac Pro is really on its way very soon. In fact, there?s a reference to a new device that?s codenamed AAPLJ95,1 found in El Capitan. The present Mac Pro is somehow codenamed similarly with AAPLJ90,1.

Hence, it?s safe to say that the code is referring to a new version of Mac Pro that is intended for professional workstation use. In addition, rumors suggest that it is sporting 10 ports of USB 3.0. It is also believed that the Thunderbolt 3 feature is making its way into the new Mac Pro.

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