Mac Pro 2018: What Users Expect The High-End Desktop To Be

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The only thing that can be said about the Mac Pro right now is that it sucks. And not only does Apple probably knows it sucks, it even admitted to having chosen form than functionality on the new design. To compensate, it then announced massive price reductions on the current line. It also told the world that it is currently working on the Mac Pro 2018 that will be fundamentally different from the current generation.

In a recent round table meeting with a number of tech journalists, Apple almost openly admitted that it made a mistake on the Mac Pro’s current design. In fact, it even apologized for not including proper cooling and upgradability on the build. Nevertheless, Apple promised that the Mac Pro 2018 will be totally different from the previous one.

Mac Pro 2018 modular design

The first thing worth mentioning is the fact that Apple is going back to the old modular design of the Mac Pro. The very same ones that it released back in 2006. And since the Mac Pro 2018 will be modular, that means end users will be able to upgrade the machine with ease.

Mac Pro 2018 update

2006 Mac Pro (via

Most professionals who uses the Mac Pro require more graphics processing power in addition to CPU cores. As most of them are artists and digital content creators, they require more raw power when it comes to video editing and transcoding. Since most of the time, these are what they will be doing on the machine.

While the current generation Mac Pro is beefy enough, obviously, it still falls short on major performance requirements.

Main hardware components

Unlike the older Mac Pro, the current workstation hardware offering from Apple is limited to only one processor. Back in 2006, Apple made it possible to add a second processor on Mac Pros for that added performance.

With modularity in mind for the Mac Pro 2018, upgradability will also come easy. Unfortunately, nobody knows the extent of modularity Apple is planning on the upcoming Mac Pro. Hopefully, the Cupertino company will be kind enough to include another socket for an Intel Xeon processor.

Intel Xeon Processor

Intel Xeon Processor (via

At the moment, the current Mac Pro model only offers a single socket for the main processor. While it can be configured to a maximum of 12 cores, having the ability to add another processor into the build is somewhat more attractive to a PC enthusiast. This will give them a modicum of control on what they want their systems to be and how they perform. Furthermore, being able to add an extra processor will definitely boost the performance of the Mac Pro 2018.


Since the Mac Pro 2018 will be modular, it could happen that users will not be limited as to what brand or type of graphics card they can use on the machine. Furthermore, as with many high-end PC setups, the chance to install more than one GPU on a single computer is a very exciting idea especially for gaming enthusiasts.

Hopefully, Apple will also consider graphics card upgradability in the design of the Mac Pro 2018. This will come in handy especially now that NVIDIA just released the Mac drivers for the latest Pascal-based graphics cards like the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and Titan Xp.

Mac Pro 2018 pricing and release date

The Mac Pro is known to be pricey and this is the main gripe of non-Apple users and perhaps the main deterrent for them as well. However, what everyone is paying on the Mac Pro is the solid build as well as the seamlessness of the hardware and software. This is why, it will not be a surprise at all if the entry-level Mac Pro 2018 is priced above $2,500. In fact, there is a very strong chance that Apple will retain the original base price at $2,999.

What is a Hackintosh

2013 Mac Pro (via

As for the release, if we are lucky enough, consumers could be seeing the new Mac Pro sometime in October next year. There is also a chance that it will happen earlier than that. Nevertheless, for now, all that can be done is wait. For more updates on the Mac Pro 2018, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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