Apple Says Mac Mini Upgrade Release Date Still Uncertain

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Apple still uncertain with Mac Mini Release

The Mac Mini is Apple’s entry-level computer for those who want to try out or switch to the macOS. Since the computer is relatively cheap, consumers can use the device to gently ease their way into using macOS especially for long-time Windows users. However, for the last couple of years, the tiny computer has been sort of forgotten as Apple concentrated more on its mobile devices.

The last time the Mac Mini received an upgrade was back in 2014. At the time, one might argue that what Apple did on the computer can hardly be called an upgrade. In fact, many have considered it as more of a downgrade.

For one, it lost support for hyper-threading by using only Intel processors without hyper-threading support. Furthermore, Apple limited the upgradability of the system by soldering all the components onto the circuit board, including the RAM.

Apple still uncertain with Mac Mini Release

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Because of these, some Mac Mini fans were a bit disappointed with the 2014 version which led to its lacklustre sales performance. For a while, Apple has remained quiet about the fate of the tiny computer until recently.

In an article from Daring Fireball, Apple SVP Phil Schiller stated that the Mac Mini remains to be a fundamental part of the company’s product line. However, he also said that, at the moment, nothing much can be said about the device. Nevertheless, Schiller then said that Apple envisions the next Mac Mini as a mix between pro and consumer-level use.

While the pronouncements are somewhat vague, it could mean that consumers can still expect to see the Mac mini sometime in the near future. While the possible release is still uncertain, it can be expected that the famous small form-factor computer will get a considerable performance boost on its release. As to how much a performance boost it will be, is anybody’s guess.

It is quite nice to hear that the cheap and cheerful Mac Mini is still alive and kicking. It would be a shame if Apple completely ditches the computer without a proper send off. For more updates on the Mac Mini, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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