Apple Mac Mini 2017 Release Date, Update: Mac Mini Server Making a Comeback in 2017?

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In was the year 2014 when consumers last heard of an update for the Apple Mac Mini. When it was released a couple of years ago, many fans were a bit disappointed with its subpar performance. From the quad-core Intel i7 chip, Apple decided to downgrade the tiny computer to a dual-core processor. In addition to this, Apple also dropped the Mac Mini Server option from the line up. Now, rumor has it that Apple is considering bringing the server version back on the Mac Mini 2017 product refresh.

When the Mac Mini was released back in 2006, the world was very impressed by Apple?s little engineering marvel. Many could not believe that a tiny box can be a full-fledged computer on its own.

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Years later, more companies have followed Apple?s design and the market was flooded with a number of miniature PCs. Now, even the likes of HP has a product that can even rival the famous Apple Mac Mini.

1st Generation Mac Mini (via

1st Generation Mac Mini (via

To this point, Apple has been mum about anything there is to do with the Mac Mini. However, many still believe that the tiny computer is due for a much much-neededuct refresh, sooner rather than later. Because of this, Mac Mini fans are hoping that Apple will showcase more improvements on the purported Mac Mini 2017.

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Perhaps, topmost on the wish list for all Mac Mini fans is the return of the Mac Mini server version. This version of the Mac Mini is capable of performing multiple tasks that will normally need individual servers for each. Among these tasks are the mail and file sharing server packages. Unlike other server packages, these two come built-in within the Mac OS server thereby warding off any additional expenses. In addition to these two, the server version can also serve as a Time Machine backup solution for other Macs.

According to rumors, the Mac Mini 2017 will feature the same Kaby Lake processors that will be released in 2017. This update will include native 4K video support as well as the new Thunderbolt 3 interface standard. The purported release date is to coincide with the iMac 2017, which is rumored to be unveiled in March 2017.

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