Apple Mac Mini 2017 Updates: This Could Be The Last Mac Mini From Apple

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The Apple Mac Mini has been a source of new PC designs of late. From HP to Dell, the Mac Mini has been an inspiration to many computer manufacturers. Since its groundbreaking release in 2005 until the current 2014 version, the Mac Mini is a showcase of engineering marvel. Unfortunately, due to its dwindling numbers in the wild, it seems that the days of the Mac Mini are numbered. Rumor has it that the upcoming Mac Mini 2017 could be the last of the mini computer from Apple.

The sad thing is, Apple cannot blame the consumers for not buying the Mac Mini. In fact, the company is more to blame with respect to the mini computer?s not-so-great reception.

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In comparison to the older version, the late 2012 Mac Mini, the current 2014 version is actually sub par when it comes to performance. This is due to the fact that Apple decided to downgrade the current Mac Mini to dual cores from quad cores. In effect, the overall performance of the computer suffered.

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Because of this decision, many has criticized the Mac Mini and its performance. Others actually went to the extent of suggesting not to upgrade from the older 2012 version at all. In some ways, they cannot be blamed for it. Apple really dropped the ball on the Mac Mini when it re-released back in 2014.

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Fast forward to two years later, Apple is once again on the cusp of another Mac Mini update. Rumor has it that the Mac Mini 2017 will sport the newest processor from Intel, the Kaby Lake. Unfortunately, this rumor still points to the same dual core design for the chip. To say the least, the Kaby Lake will feature an impressive performance boost in comparison to its predecessor. However, a quad core processor, even an older one, can still outstrip a new dual core in multi-core processing.

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Perhaps, at this stage, it will be wise to say that the idea of a quad-core Mac Mini is now long gone. According to Bloomberg, Apple still has great plans for the Mac products. However, whether Apple continues to release the Mac Mini in the future, only time will tell. Until then, fans can still look forward to next year?s release of the Mac Mini 2017.

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