Apple Mac Mini 2017 Specs, Update: New Mac Mini to Support 4K Displays

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Apple Mac Mini 2017

Since 2014, Apple has not brought anything new on the Mac Mini other than make it inferior to its predecessor. From a maximum of 4 cores last 2012, Apple set it down to 2 cores with option for hyper threading. In addition to this, the Cupertino company removed any possibility of upgrade even for the lowly RAM. Previously, Mac Mini supports upgradable system memory through an access at the bottom of the unit. But since Apple soldered the RAM directly onto the logic board, users were distraught as they cannot upgrade it anymore. To make up for it, rumor has it that Apple will update the display support for the Mac Mini 2017 to 4K.

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Since 2009, the Mac Mini has always been able to support display mirroring through the DisplayPort/Thunderbolt port. For a few years, it was the only way to get high display resolution from the Mac Mini. With the upgrade of the HDMI port on the succeeding releases, the resolution was brought to 2560×1600 pixels. With Kaby Lake?s native support for 4K video and Thunderbolt 3, Apple might consider upping the display resolution to 4K as well. Of course, in order to do this, Apple would need to upgrade the display interface to HDMI 2.0.

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HDMI 2.0 can support a single link display resolution of 4096x2160p running at 60Hz. That is a massive step from the previous 1080p resolution that HDMI 1 offers. With the Kaby Lake?s native support for 4K videos, it is only fitting for the Mac Mini to support 4K displays as well. In fact, doing so may make up for the reduced processor performance of the previous Mac Mini iteration.

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Unfortunately, this upgrade may drive the price of the Mac Mini 2017 up. This is due to the fact that 4K video playback requires a huge amount of system memory. And since the graphics share the system memory on the Mac Mini, it would need to be 8GB minimum.

To date, there has been no update from Apple about the fate of the Mac Mini 2017. Most news today are based on speculations from experts in the financial industry that follows the company proceedings diligently. Whether Apple includes 4K display support on the new Mac Mini or not, consumers will have to wait and see.

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