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Since the original Macintosh, Apple continues to create an impact in the consumers? lives. It is hard to believe that what was once one of the first computers to change the age of Information Technology is now 30 years old.

Happy Birthday, Mac!

It was on January 24, 1984 when Steve Jobs pulled out a small personal computer (PC) from his bag at the stage of Flint Center in Cupertino, California ? the hometown of Apple. This event transformed the entire world and the people?s relationship with this technological breakthrough.

Mac is the first all ? in ? one PC that comes with a mouse, as well as the first to have a graphical user interface or GUI. These features have offered people a new way of navigating around the computer, from the ancient way of typing a command. Today, consumers can simply move the mouse?s cursor at an icon and click it to run a program.

Mac was also the very first computer supported by a Television commercial worth millions of dollars and directed by the famous Ridley Scott.

Opening the Gate to a New Generation

The Macintosh has given the average consumer the chance to finally own a personal computer. This breakthrough definitely opened the gate to a new world of Information Technology.

Nowadays, computers have become a part of the everyday lives of almost everybody. The Mac was a revolutionary invention because it made personal computers an essential object in people?s homes.

Like any revolutionary products, the Mac initially had a rough start. It was able to wow the consumers, but a price of $2, 495 made it a premium product. The first year since its launch also performed very little since software compatibility was an issue.

Microsoft: Mac?s Biggest Competitor

Microsoft eventually recreated its Windows operating system and launched the Windows 3.0 in 1990 that comes with a GUI. This announcement placed the Mac in a very tight competition.

However, gadgets and computers will never be the way the are now if the Macintosh was not invented. It has greatly influenced the world of interface and physical design of computers.


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