Apple iWatch is the precursor to other Apple devices?

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11780586_03757b7b4e_zApple is head above shoulders when it comes to producing powerful, sophisticated and user friendly devices. Amongst the iconic gadgets the company has produced are the Macintosh, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. Now it has recently unveiled its latest innovation, the iWatch and it has the technology world abuzz despite the fact that other tech companies, such as Samsung?s Gear had preceded the Apple Version.

The options for the next Apple device

Seeing at how successful Apple has in creating technology and a market for it, a report has come out on other possible gadgets Apple?s CEO Tom Cook may want to consider for the next generation of devices.

  1. The iEye. This device would be a third eye, either velcroed to the back of the head or worn like Google?s Glass. This would serve as a means of protection from someone getting up behind you or when trying to look at all directions at one time.
  2. The iEar. This device can be an extra ear or even one that can help those hearing impaired. This would be a whole new market for the Apple Music Store to tap.
  3. This device would provide individuals a better appreciation for smells and aromas around them. It may provide olfactory information included into Apple?s online store, allowing for the realization of the Smell-o-Vision concept back in the day.
  4. The iKnee. This device would help users of prosthetics as embedded in each device would be the iPhones Google Map app allowing for measurement of the distance, GPs and other factoids regarding the destination.

Wearable tech to Accesories tech

These are just some for people to use to enhance their user experience. Other suggestions include:

  1. The iPooch. This is an Apple device for the dog, which includes a GPS tracker, a heart monitor and is extremely durable and water (saliva) proof.
  2. The iScratch. This is an Apple device for cats, consisting of a scratching post and a ball and string to measure Kitty?s exercise and activity.
  3. The iFish. This is an Apple device for aquarium and fishing enthusiasts. Aside from GPS, it also would have waterproof and salinity monitors for environmental protection purposes.

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