Apple is now ready to discuss their approach on clean energy

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Apple is putting the spotlight on their clean energy and carbon footprint reduction initiatives in celebration of Earth Day.?This isn?t anything new as Apple has been hard at work in having 100 percent of its data centers run on renewable energy sources for a few years now but they didn?t provide many details until now.

They are showing off an environment themed video that is narrated by CEO Tim Cook as well as some really cool solar panel photos on their website. Apple has become a green Apple.

Apple has been keeping relatively quiet about their progress until today. This willingness to talk is probably because some of Apple?s clean power projects are now well into the post experimental phase. The flagship solar farms in North Carolina are already up and running, providing energy to the grid and Apple has already started installing a small solar array in Reno, Nevada. It isn?t easy setting all of these up so Apple probably worked out everything before being ready to tell their story to the world.

Lisa Jackson, Apple?s environmental chief has been in the position for about a year now and she has had some time to make decisions and get everything in line with Apple?s commitment for a better environment. She has also made some fixes along the way like fixing how Apple was underreporting the impact of aluminum mining and processing on its carbon footprint.

The next big item on Jackson?s plate is to focus on the clean power footprint of Apple?s retail stores. A total of 120 Apple stores are already powered only by renewable energy but it still has around 135 more to go in the US as well as another few hundred overseas.

Apple is paving the way for other companies to follow in their initiative for clean power. It is important that Apple is also sharing their story on how they changed their energy infrastructure so that other companies can make the adjustments necessary or have an idea on how to create their own clean power.

As clean energy is being highlighted today, future consumers and companies will emphasize on the impact of clean energy for the products that are available as well as for a better environment.

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