iPhone SE 2017 Release: New Claim Contradicts Earlier Report; Might Come in August

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iPhone SE new predictions

A few days ago, Xiaomi analyst Pan Jiutang posted a speculative review about the fate of the iPhone SE. According to the analyst, there is a slim chance that Apple might consider refreshing the phone. However, this time around, a different report claims that the Cupertino company will unveil another iPhone SE very soon.

According to French website iGeneration, an unnamed source has told it that Apple will release a new iPhone SE in August. While this may sound a bit surprising, that is because the website did not elaborate on its claims. Furthermore, since, 2007, Apple has not had an event that took place in August.

This claim is dubious at best. For sure, Apple will not put out an event so close to the launch of the iPhone 8. Normally, there is a six-month gap between events for Apple product launches.

iPhone SE predictions

iPhone SE (via apple.com)

On the flip side, releasing an updated iPhone SE would be quite interesting. The most current release feature very minimal, if none at all, aesthetic changes on the phone. The only underlying change between the older iPhone SE and the current one is the storage size.

For now, it is best not to put too much on this rumor. As speculated by Jiutang, most consumers nowadays are more in tuned with bigger displays. Display from five inches and up are becoming more mainstream. And with counterparts like Samsung releasing even bigger phones, this trend might continue indefinitely.

However, the price difference between the SE and the current flagship cannot be discounted. The smaller phone is almost half the price of an iPhone 7, but with slightly inferior performance. Nevertheless, some consumers still find the iPhone SE more than adequate for their needs. This is the main reason why, up until now, the phone is still generating cash for Apple.

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