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iPhone 8

Reports have been sparse about what Apple might call its next iPhone with some claiming it’s called the iPhone Edition and others calling it the iPhone X or just iPhone 8. However, the official name for the handset turns out neither of the two: the tech giant officially named it the iPhone Pro.

This is the first time the Cupertino-based company revealed one key detail about its upcoming handset before its launch. But it actually gave subtle hints in the past about the iPhone 7 successor’s moniker.

In a question and answer portion of its annual shareholders meeting at its headquarters in Cupertino last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned patrons can expect them to “do more in the Pro area.”

“The Pro area is very important to us,” Cook said. “The creative area is very important to us in particular.”

Brand Unity

Indeed, we can recall they have already started rebranding several product lines. MacRumors notes that Apple discontinued the MacBook Air line this year, leaving the MacBook and MacBook Pro brand for its laptops. While some MacBook Air models are still on the shelves today, the company won’t be releasing any more updates to the machines. The iPad Air got scrapped too, although the iPad Mini is still available in the Apple Store.

Now, they’re getting rid of iPhone numbers in favor of the same Pro line. The next batch of iPhones will simply be called iPhone with the year of release as the identifier. Obviously, the premium models will boast the “Pro” title just like in MacBooks and iPads. We’ll then only have iPhone and iPhone Pro as the company also chose to let go of the SE and Plus line for a total brand unity.

iPhone 8

iPhone 8: Apple will rebrand its smartphone line for brand unity.

It remains unclear if the same applies to the Apple Watch and Mac OS. Its smartwatches notably sport the sub-label ‘Series’ while its operating system was originally called Mac OS X. However, it’s worth mentioning that Apple already dropped the ‘X’ from the latest Mac OS release.

iPhone Pro (2017)

With the new iPhone name, it’s clear that Apple is going to take the device in a new direction specs-wise too so we can expect a pretty big revamp. Currently, we hear an OLED display, augmented reality support, wireless charging, USB-C port, and re-positioning of the Home button and Touch ID sensor.

Those all makes sense, with the expected $1000 price alone. Then again, as the company has not confirmed the specs yet, they should be taken with a grain of salt. At least, we got the official name of the next iPhone now. To get the full details, read Apple’s iPhone Pro announcement here.

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