Apple Envisions Dumb Terminals for iPhone and iPad in US Patent Filing

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Apple files dumb terminal patents for the iPhone and iPad

Apple is known to be one of the biggest patent consumers in the United States. Back in 2015, the company was awarded 1,938 patents in the US alone. While majority of these patents just lay in slumber, some of them are still quite interesting. For instance, a new one that was filed by Apple dreams of extending the functionalities of the iPhone and the iPad.

According to the US Patent Office, Apple recently filed an unusual patent that turns an iPhone or an iPad into a sort of laptop. This patent showed how the contraption will add more functionalities to the devices in many ways.

In the said patent, it can be seen that the device in question has a slot fit for a mobile device. In addition to the slot, the device also has a keyboard and a display. An iPhone can be place in the slot to function as a trackpad. Also, the device’s built-in display will extend the display of the iPhone. Basically, the device is some sort of a laptop extension for the iPhone.

Apple files dumb terminal patents for the iPhone and iPad

Apple patent for the iPhone (via

Another part of the patent involves an iPad. In this case, the iPad is placed on where the screen should be. Like the first device mentioned, this version also makes for a rudimentary laptop with the use of an iPad. While this one is not really new, as many third-party providers sell keyboard covers for the iPad, it still is quite neat. Also, Apple envisions to have a discrete GPU and extra battery built into both of the contraptions. This will further enhance the usability of the device and the iPad or iPhone connected with it.

Apple files dumb terminal patents for the iPhone and iPad

Apple patent for the iPad (via

Unfortunately, like any other patent from Apple, this too might not even see the light of day. The company sometimes files patents just for the sake of it. However, one cannot deny that the iPhone contraption is a pretty novel idea. Although the same cannot be said for the iPad version. For more tech updates, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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