Alleged iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Module Leaked

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iPhone 8 wireless charging module leakedA

Wireless charging is the next big thing when it comes to mobile technology. A number of high-end Android smartphones and other devices have started using the technology in order to attract some techie consumers. Now, even Apple is jumping on the same bandwagon with the iPhone 8.

For many months now, Apple has been rumored to be toying with the idea of including wireless charging on the iPhone 8. The company has acquired various companies over the years and have corroborated with wireless charging specialists as well.

The latest rumor now is that an alleged wireless charging module has been leaked online. The said module is suggested to belong to Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone. While at first glance, the module is quite big to be allowed, it does present a fair bit of information about it.

iPhone 8 wireless charging module leakedA

Alleged iPhone 8 wireless charging module (via slashleaks.com)

iPhone 8 wireless charging module leakedA

Alleged iPhone 8 wireless charging module (via slashleaks.com)

For one, it can be seen on one of the images from SlashLeaks that the device in question is capable of supplying as much as 2 amps of charging current. Now, this amount is quite common in today’s mobile phone chargers. Unfortunately, the stated spec does not conform to what anyone might consider as fast charging.

On the other hand, it can be seen, albeit not entirely clearly, that the connector on one side of the module is that of a Lightning port. It would seem also, that the port in question is a bit different from the usual Lightning port that Apple uses.

It is still unclear, until this point, if the said module is the actual device that might go into the iPhone 8 itself. However, knowing Apple, it would want the module to be a bit thinner as the inside of an iPhone case is quite cramped.

It could very well be that the leaked wireless charging module is but a prototype of an earlier design. Nevertheless, anyone can agree that having wireless charging on the iPhone 8 will surely get the attention even of some die-hard Android fans.

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