iPhone 8 to Ship With Wireless Charging and 3D Facial Recognition but Will Remain Disabled for a While

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iPhone 8 wireless charging and 3D facial recognition features still have issues

There have been a lot of talks about the new features of the iPhone 8. Chief of which is the 3D facial recognition that will replace the standard Touch ID sensor. In addition to this, Apple is also expected to include wireless charging on the tenth anniversary iPhone. However, it seems like Apple engineers are struggling to get those two major feature working properly.

According to Fast Company, a source close to Apple has told the website that software engineers working on the iPhone 8 are in a bit of a pickle. The website said that, at the moment, the wireless charging and 3D facial recognition features are still having issues in the software department.

The source has clarified that there is nothing wrong with the hardware; both the Qi- and Broadcom-supplied electronics are functioning well. It is the software or firmware that is having a hard time doing its tasks.

This report now opens up a possibility that Apple might launch the iPhone 8 without the said features. However, consumers can be assured that the hardware necessary to have these features will be included in the phone on its release. It is just that, Apple might need a bit more time to iron out all the issues on the firmware.

iPhone 8 wireless charging and 3D facial recognition features still have issues

iPhone 8 wireless charging concept (via thenextweb.com)

In retrospect, this strategy is nothing new. The iPhone 7, which was released last September, was launched without the Portrait Mode on. Although it was quite clear that the smartphone has the necessary hardware for it, it was then activated later on when after iOS 10 was released.

As for the wireless charging and 3D facial recognition features, there is a strong chance that Apple will include the need hardware on the final product. Perhaps the said features will be activated when iOS 11 is released. But for now, we can all hope that Apple will be able to solve these issues as soon as possible. This is because one of the features, the 3D facial recognition, is so crucial as it is rumored to replace the Touch ID sensor.

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